Renovation and innovation

Renovation and innovation

In addition to building swimming pools to suit all needs, Centro Piscine offers a renovation and refurbishment service for older facilities, using innovative solutions to modernise pool appearance and efficiency: PRIVATE, PUBLIC and SHARED POOLS.

Centro Piscine brings old pools back to life by repairing or replacing masonry, structural and system elements (pipes, filters, pumps), coverings (PVC, 3D PVC, paints, tiles), as well as the decorative elements of the pool and its surroundings.

Building Renovation

All construction work necessary to solve any problems related to the structural failure of the old pool: demolition, reinforcement, reconstruction, extension.

Aesthetic Renovation

All those types of work that make the pool more beautiful. Replacement of old cladding, edging and paving and installation or replacement of accessories such as lights, diving boards, etc.

System Renovation

All those types of work that ensure the correct functioning of existing installations. Pipes, filters, pumps or dispensers, etc.

Functional Restructuring

All those types of work that improve the efficiency of the pool. We check and optimise all pool systems, ensuring that the filtration, heating, and water disinfection systems and other components work efficiently and reliably

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