Swimming pools need care and maintenance if they are to preserve their beauty and functionality over time.

Centro Piscine ensures not only the design and installation of swimming pools for its customers, but also after-sales technical assistance and scheduled maintenance with a prompt and professional intervention service.

Our team is at your disposal for both routine maintenance operations (from opening the pool at the beginning of the season to its winter closure) and extraordinary maintenance, with fast, efficient interventions in all emergency situations.


Our Services

  • Seasonal opening and closing
  • Weekly and monthly cleaning
  • Pool draining and filling
  • Detection and repair of leaks, breakages or malfunctions
  • Check of lighting system
  • Water treatment with shock chemicals
  • Water testing, filter and pool cleaning
  • Checking the correct operations of cleaners and control units


Supply of spare parts and accessories

We provide a vast range of solutions, including automatic cleaners and vacuum robots, which are self-programmable and radio-controlled, as well as easy to use and very quiet. A wide range of electronic cleaners, vacuum cleaners, suction brushes, nets and floating rods for cleaning the water surface are also available.

Whatever your service and maintenance needs, our team can intervene or advise you.


Advanced Management and Digital Monitoring

Swimming pool management does not end with their construction. Centro Piscine goes further, offering routine and extraordinary maintenance services through a shared digital monitoring system developed in-house.

 This innovative approach allows our customers to receive notification of maintenance work in real time via text message or e-mail, giving them total control over the status of their pools, ensuring that they are always at peak performance and safety.

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