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Evolution and Challenges of Centro Piscine S.r.l. in the Artisan Pool Market

Centro Piscine was founded in March 2005 by Pietro Deiana. Over the years, the company has been on a fascinating journey, evolving through two generations and adapting to the changing challenges of the global market.

Passion as a Foundation

The origin of Centro Piscine is intertwined with Pietro Deiana’s passion for swimming pool design. From the very beginning, Pietro’s commitment and expertise in the industry have made the company a recognisable force in the custom-built pool market in Sardinia and the Costa Smeralda. This passion was the initial spark that lit the company’s path in the direction of innovation and excellence.

A Step Forward with the Second Generation

The company took a major step forward when the second generation took the helm. Pietro’s son, Giovanni brought a new perspective to the organisation after gaining training experience in the United States. Under his leadership, Centro Piscine embraced a broader vision and addressed two key objectives: Consolidation through digitalisation and expansion into foreign markets.

Consolidation Through Digitalisation

Recognising the importance of technological innovation, Centro Piscine has embarked on an ambitious path of digitalisation. Many business processes have been transformed by implementing cutting-edge technologies, improving operational efficiency and enabling more accurate resource management. Digitalisation has enabled the company to optimise production, improve internal and external communication, and increase customer satisfaction through more personalised services.

Expansion into Foreign Markets

Giovanni bravely took on the global challenge of expanding the company’s foreign markets. At a time when globalisation has become a key element for business success, the company has developed a targeted strategy to access new international markets. This has required in-depth analysis of the needs and trends of foreign markets, as well as the creation of strong partnerships and the customisation of offers in order to meet the specific needs of each market.

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